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A Membership that is filled with golf introductions for beginners, ongoing members, teaching professionals with a deep passion to teach kids, and ultimately, the highest level of tournaments that prepare kids for golf at a higher level.

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How To Prepare For Your Child’s Golf Tournaments

If your kids have been playing golf for some time now, they may develop an interest in taking part in tournaments. For serious junior golfers, this is a natural progression and a chance to get a feel of what’s like to compete at a national or international level. To place your child strategically for success, […]

The Benefits of Golf for Kids

Whether your child eventually joins a competitive team or simply plays the game for fun later in life, there are multiple benefits of youth golf. If you choose to teach your child to play golf as a family activity, it may even help to bring you closer while building their confidence and self-esteem as they […]

The Importance of Getting Kids Play Golf While They’re Still Young

Letting your child play golf while he is still young plays an important part in honing his holistic character. It may be regarded as a mere sport and activity. Also, a simple game of golf can open your child’s door to more opportunities. These include gaining skills, making friends and keeping connections. You may wonder: […]

Your Child’s Golf Swing

Letting your child play golf is one of the best activities you can let your child engage. Not only does golfing improve your child’s skills in the sport, but it also develops your child’s interpersonal skills and holistic being. While the benefits of letting your child play golf sound great, it may be quite challenging […]